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Currently we can send you our Weekly Selections via Email

Please email for more information and they can send our weekly menu to you today.


Our A La Carte Lunch Menu is very simple, all you have to do is select as many items as you like, designing your daily meals. Choose as many items as you like for the week.  This simply puts YOU in charge of your menus. You will be able to choose from a variety of items for each daily meal per week. The a la carte option is perfect for people just looking to eat healthy and add convenience to their daily routine. 

*Of course, if your main objective is to achieve certain wellness or physical goals, we would steer you towards a Custom Meal Plan in which the menu is designed with you in order to help meet your needs and provides a much wider variety of meals. Our Custom Meal Plan allows us to custom tailor your meal regimen in your daily caloric intake via portioning, managing your macronutrient ratio and dietary requirements, and making sure you get the foods which will better enable you to reach your wellness and physical goals. All you have to do is either e-mail us or call and we can get started today creating a meal plan that is designed with YOU in mind.
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  • Garden Salad
    Our Garden salad is a simple green salad topped with cucumber and tomato and a side of our house made Citrus Vinagrette. ..
  • HMHM House Salad
    Our House salad is a wonderful snack or addition to any meal with a bed of chopped iceburg and romaine lettuce topped with sliced carrots, sliced radish, cherry tomato, sliced apple, dried cranberries, toasted pepitas and our House citrus vinagrette ..