Frequently Asked Questions


What is HomeMade Healthy Meals?


HomeMade Healthy Meals provides fresh, seasonal, gourmet meals made with the finest ingredients cooked fresh and delivered to your front door. Nutrition is key. And we are here to make your life easier and more delicious.


What will I receive in my Homemade Healthy Meals delivery?


You will receive the meals you ordered with a list of each item.  We will also include a Welcome Letter, directions for best enjoyment of the meals, and a full menu to make it easy for you to select meals for your next delivery.


When will my order be delivered?


Upon placing your order, our sales associate will let you know via email or phone call when you should expect delivery of your HomeMade Healthy Meals. When ordering online it will show delivery date. Currently we are delivering once a week. As need arises deliveries may be made two or three times weekly. Deliveries are hand delivered.


What is the delivery cost per order?


Delivery is included in our Weekly Chef Select Meals. 


Do I need to be home when the shipment is delivered?


Yes, and we will work with you to ensure you have a delivery time that fits your schedule.


How does the food stay fresh without being frozen?


We flash freeze the food as it is cooked. Then it is packaged into airtight containers immediately. And delivered immediately keeping it at the correct temperature.  It can be refrigerated for up to 7 days and some items may be frozen if that is your preference.


Can HomeMade Healthy Meals be delivered to my work?


Yes. The driver will deliver the package to your office.


How do I order HomeMade Healthy Meals?


Order online anytime at or call a HomeMade Healthy Meals sales associate at 1-805-801-8176, Monday thru Saturday from 8am-7pm.


How do I re-order?


You can re-order by phone at 1-805-801-8176 or online at by signing in to your account.  A menu is included in each shipment that makes re-ordering simple.


Who do I call for Customer Service or any questions about my order?


Call HomeMade Healthy Meals at 1-805-801-8176 or email a representative online at, and all questions will be answered within 24 hours during the business week.


How much do the meals cost?


Prices vary depending on your order. The Chefs Menu is our best value. It includes 7 full dinners and lunches, along with soup, salad, and dessert.


Do you deliver a meal every day?


No.  We deliver meals weekly or bi-weekly, based on your choice. Your meals will stay fresh for 7 days in the refrigerator (40°F), until you are ready to microwave them.


Can I order food for my parents?


Yes!  We can set up different billing and shipping addresses and can deliver without a problem.


Can I leave my credit card on file so my parent or loved one can order their food weekly, with the charges going to my credit card?


Yes!  It is possible to have a family member arrange for payment to be made every week by credit card and have the meals delivered to a loved one at a different address.  Each week, your credit card will be billed for the next week’s delivery.  Call a sales associate today at  1-805-801-8176 to make arrangements.


What is a Recurring Membership?


Every week your meals will be delivered without worrying about placing an order each time.  You can look forward to a rotating menu of fresh seasonal healthy homemade meals. In addition, if your dietary needs change you can update your meals at any time. Your credit card on file will be charged, and if you need to cancel your order for any reason, you can cancel one week before any order is shipped, with no long term commitment!


What makes HomeMade Healthy Meals different than other programs?


1.   We are a local company delivering to San Luis Obispo County.  

2.   We utilize fresh seasonal locally grown fruits and vegetables in our meals.

3.   We delivery the meals to your door right after they are cooked. Guaranteeing the freshest food available.

4.   Our containers allow people the choice in oven or microwave heating along with the ability to refrigerate or freeze

5.   If you have special dietary needs we can help you. Just give us a call at 1-805-801-8176 and explain what your dietary preferences are and we will give 100% to make sure you are taken care of.

6.   We offer a variety. A rotating menu. Seasonal Offerings. And the ability to make your own meal plan through our A la Cart Menu

7.   Vegetarian? Yes we cater to you too!

8.   Gluten Free? Contact us, we can help you too!

9.   Diabetic? We have a sugar free/salt free menu


HomeMade Healthy Meals Customer Care – we want your experience with us to be the best possible and will work with you to customize your program and meet your individual needs.


Do I need to prepare anything to eat Homemade Healthy Meals?


No preparation required!  We do the planning, shopping, cooking and take away the need of cleaning. All you need to do is follow the suggested heating time on the label of each meal, warm it in the microwave or oven, and you have a fresh, nutritious meal to enjoy!


How can I prepare the meals so they are most appetizing to me?


We have seasoned our meals to appeal to a variety of people, but we know everyone’s tastes vary.  A little bit of salt and pepper may be what you like. With your order you will also be provided with microwave heating and oven heating instructions. As we know some people do have a preference on how they like their food cooked, so we have made it possible to cook the way you like it.


How does the food stay fresh and safe in the refrigerator for 10 days?


I know I said 7 days, but in reality the meals can last longer but for ultimate flavor and freshness I prefer 7 days. We utilize a "flash freeze" technology to ensure freshness, from the time we place the meals in the sealed containers and chill them, until they get to your home, and you immediately place them in your refrigerator - they will stay fresh. As long as you keep the meals sealed and refrigerated below 40 degrees, your meal will maintain that fresh-made taste for 10 days.


Do you have a diabetic menu?


Many of our meals are diabetic-friendly. Please call us with any questions 1-805-801-8176. Our Diabetic Meals are made Sugar Free/Salt Free.


Are the gluten-free meals made in a gluten-free kitchen?


Gluten-free meals are made in an inspected kitchen, which is thoroughly cleaned according to the best food safety standards, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination; however, it is not a dedicated gluten-free kitchen.


How are the gluten-free meals tested?


Gluten-Free meals are simply made without any gluten.


Do you offer Vegan meals?


Yes. Please call us for details 1-805-801-8176.


Can you customize my meals to eliminate my personal allergens?


Currently, we can work with customers if their allergies are not life threatening.  Due to the fact we have a commercial kitchen where a lot of food is prepared and cooked we cannot be responsible for those type of allergies. However, if you have an allergy that is not life threatening please contact us and we can create a menu if possible 1-805-801-8176.


How does HomeMade Healthy Meals prevent cross contamination?


We adhere to strict food safety regulations, set forth by the ( U.S.D.A) United States Department of Agriculture.


What are the factors that cause a gluten-free diet to be more expensive?


Replacing wheat, barley, rye with specialty flours increases the cost of the meal program..


What if I go out of town during a scheduled meal delivery and need to take time off?


We will suspend your deliveries for the dates you provide with a minimum of a 3 business day notice prior to your delivery.


Can I order the program for only  weekdays?


Absolutely! Most of our Programs are designed for our clients with busy lifestyles who may not require 7 days of meals. You can order what you would like with no minimum or limits.


What if I am allergic or dislike a particular food?


If you have specific allergies or dislike certain proteins (poultry, red meat, seafood), we can design and personalize your program to your preferences within the menu guidelines we have in place.  Please let us know what your specific needs are in order for us to ensure that we are able to accommodate them 1-805-801-8176.


How do I heat the food?


In order to heat in the microwave, we recommend microwaving it for 2-3 minutes, depending on the power of your microwave. In the oven the meals can bake for approximately 20 minutes. Detailed instructions are on all meals. In addition, we always recommend if you freeze a meal, it is much better to thaw before cooking.